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Best mickey mouse coloring pages for kids

 mickey mouse coloring pages

Children enjoy coloring pages with cartoon characters so they can spend some quality time with them, solving some mystery or fighting a sinister creature in an unknown land. Kids love all cartoon characters, especially Disney ones, which include many of the world's most searched coloring book subjects, including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto.

The Walt Disney Company's official mascot and one of its very first characters, Mickey Mouse, is the most popular cartoon subject for coloring sheets. In 1928, he was created at the Walt Disney Studios by Walt Disney himself and Oscar-winning animator Ub Iwerks. A mouse dressed in anthropomorphic shorts with white gloves and yellow shoes is visualized as the iconic character. In 1928, Mickey Mouse made his official debut in an animated short film called Steamboat Willie, which is one of the very first sound cartoons. He first appeared in a test screening of the animated short film “Plane Crazy.”

With all this being said, it should come as no surprise that kids love Mickey Mouse. There are a variety of free Mickey Mouse coloring pages available online. Check out this collection of Mickey Mouse coloring pages and pick one for your child. Some of them feature Mickey alone, but others feature him with other Disney characters.
1.  mickey mouse coloring page

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2. mickey Coloring page

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3. mickey kiss Minnie Coloring Page

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4. mickey mouse coloring sheet

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5.mickey mouse coloring

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