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5 best t rex coloring pages

 t rex coloring page

Here are some great T Rex Coloring Pages for you to print and color.
trex coloring

t rex coloring pictures

t rex coloring page

trex coloring page

t rex for coloring

T rex colouring page

The coloring pages will give your child the freedom to concentrate on details while being relaxed and comfortable. You can print or download them to color and give them to your family members and friends.

T rex (Tyrannosaurus Rex)

  • Because so many people loved our Dinosaur Coloring Pages, we had to make another one. This time it's T Rex! Tyrannosaurus Rex is so well known and loved by children. This lizard had a HUGE skull and matching teeth. Tyrannosaurus could run 25 miles per hour and was 40 feet long, weighed 14 tons, and weighed 14 tons in weight. Tyrannosaurus is a genus of tyrannosaur theropod dinosaur. In what was then an island continent known as Laramidia, the Tyrannosaurus rex, or T-Rex, is one of the best specimens of this type of theropod. Tyrannosaurus lived across western North America, on what is now western North America.You had to be pretty crafty to avoid becoming a T Rex’s dinner!

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