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 Elsa Coloring Pages

This 7 elsa coloring pages printable can be downloaded and printed for free in high quality and in high resolution. Simply click the download button below to get this elsa coloring pages printable.

elsa coloring pages
1. elsa coloring pages

elsa coloring page
2. elsa coloring page

elsa frozen coloring page
3.elsa frozen coloring page

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Coloring page elsa
4. Coloring page elsa

elsa coloring pages printable
5. elsa coloring pages printable

elsa from frozen coloring pages
6. elsa from frozen coloring pages

elsa coloring pages printable
7. elsa coloring pages printable

Princess Elsa

Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated feature film Frozen and its sequel 58th animated feature film Frozen II introduce a fictional character named Elsa of Arendelle. The voices of Idina Menzel and Eva Bella in Frozen are mostly those of Idina Menzel, while Spencer Ganus provides the voices of the young and teenager Elsa in Frozen.
The film Elsa, directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, is loosely inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's story "The Snow Queen". Elsa is introduced in the Disney film adaptation as the princess of Arendelle, an imaginary kingdom in Scandinavia. She is the elder sister of Anna (Kristen Bell) and possesses the magical ability to manipulate ice and snow.

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